Hotel analytics and data visualization for commercial teams


Juyo is a hotel analytics and data visualization platform that empowers users to take profit driven decisions.


 1. Connect your data sources


2. Connect the dots across them


3. Connect the team and empower them to take profit decisions



  • Connect your PMS transactional data to analyze past and future performance. Uncover Revenue and Distribution Opportunities.

  • Enrich your own data with data from external sources such as Pricing, Reviews, Airline Arrivals, Online Travel Agency demand, TravelClick Demand 360, Agency 360, Rate 360, Google Analytics, Meeting and Events and many more.

  • Keep a finger on your business pulse at all times by tracking all key indicators.



  • Direct users to key focus areas by visualizing main business drivers such as business Mix, channel mix, source markets, rate codes, groups, meeting and events and corporate account data.

  • Gain more insights into your pricing. Analyze your pricing strategies and competitive positioning.

  • Create and maintain more accurate forecasts and budgets in a blink of an eye.



  • Measure your distribution costs and marketing spend at the most granular level. Gain a real time view of past and future Net RevPAR Performance.

  • Set and analyze distribution strategies and track success . Optimize your sales and marketing budget, track campaign ROI and never leave your KPI’s out of sight.

  • Tap into new opportunities. Know how much profit you have on the books at all times.